Campcraft & Wilderness Survival Experiences

Bryson LaganSports offer a range of Wilderness Survival Experiences for groups, families and expedition junkies, of all abilities.  Find out how to survive with minimum reliance on modern materials and equipment.

 Learn how to…

  • Build an emergency shelter using only natural materials
  • Collect and purify contaminated water and make it safe to drink
  • Prepare your own wild food
  • Establish a fire e.g.  site selection, material selection & ignition sources
  • Navigate effectively and to leave no trace
  • Experience guided expeditions in a variety of locations throughout Ireland

Guaranteed to empower, encourage and inspire people of all ages, to use various outdoor skills and techniques.

How much does it cost?

Courses are offered as a half or full day. Prices are per person and vary depending on location.

Summer£49 - £100£49 - £100
Winter£49 - £100£49 - £100

Further Information

Booking essential. Minimum numbers required.


Various locations throughout Ireland.

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