Rescue Emergency Care (REC) First Aid Courses

Located in the heart of Belfast for your convenience, perfect for an employer who needs to train staff.  First Aid is all about doing, therefore there is a strong emphasis on the practical element, with plenty of hands on work at Bryson LaganSports.  Participants will become confident in providing care, and the ability to apply general first aid principles in each and every first aid situation they may find themselves in.

Rescue Emergency Care (REC) courses are designed to cover:

  • First Aid is required to meet the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • For those people working or playing in more remote areas
  • For times when medical help can be hours instead of minutes away, and environmental issues must be considered

Rescue Emergency Care Level 2 and Level 3 Courses

 Rescue Emergency Care Level 2Rescue Emergency Care Level 3
Course ContentTopic learning and practical’s intermixed with scenarios of real life situations.

  • The body, in particular the heart, lungs and airway.
  • Assessing a casualty.
  • Introduces a system to cope with all incidents as safely as possible.
  • Deciding how to deal with an accident or incident.

Awareness of delayed medical help and adverse environmental conditions.

The course is a balance of learning and practical experience with real life scenarios.

The course is for statutory and workplace requirements.

The fundamental workings of the body, in particular, the heart, lungs and airway.

  • Recognising the difference between healthy, ill,  injured.
  • Recording the baseline measurements of the vital body functions.
  • Introduces a system to cope with all incidents as safely as possible.

Covers the HSE syllabus for first aiders at work according to the ’81 and ’97 regulations and the UK and European Resuscitation guidelines.

 Duration2 Days (16 hrs) 3 Days (min. 18 hrs modular course)
 LocationBryson LaganSports, Belfast or location of your choice  Bryson LaganSports, Belfast or location of your choice
 Investment£150 p/p per course £180 p/p per course 
 CertificateCertified for 3 years, an entry pint for REC scheme.  Approved course for RYA, BCU, MLTB  HSE approved course valid for 3 years.


How much does it cost?

Price varies depending on level of First Aid Course

SummerFrom £150n/a
WinterFrom £150n/a


Bryson LaganSports, Belfast or a location of your choice 

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